Optometry at Cooroy

Optometry at Cooroy
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Our optometrists have a more holistic approach in the assessment and treatment of vision with an enhanced appreciation of visual efficiency and potential visual performance.

Behavioural optometry is an expanded area of optometric practice and a philosophy of eyecare which aims to incorporate the physical, neurological and developmental aspects of vision and applies to adults as well as children. We believe that the way you interpret what you see doesn’t depend solely on how clear your eyesight is. We consider your visual demands to ensure that your vision is working easily and is comfortable for work, study and play.

Cooroy, Sunshine Coast Local & Independent

optometry@cooroy has been offering continuous independent optometric services in Cooroy since 1997. We are a locally owned business employing local people and we are proud to be active in the Cooroy community.

Our independence and experience mean that we are free to choose the best products and treatment plans for our patients taking into consideration their particular needs and budget.

We also choose to use Australian companies and products wherever possible.

Advanced Technologies

Eye Health

For eye health evaluation we have the latest advanced diagnostic equipment including:

  • Optomap (Ultra-wide field retinal imaging)
  • OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography)
  • Retinal Photography with FAF (Fundus Auto-fluorescence)
  • Computerised Visual Field Assessment
  • 3D Corneal Topography

Behavioural Optometry

As part of our Behavioural Optometry practice, we have many sophisticated and specialised equipment:

  • The only Intuitive Colorimeter on the Sunshine Coast for prescribe Cerium Precision Tinted spectacle lenses for those experiencing Visual Stress or Meares-Irlen Syndrome.
  • ReadAlyzer Eye Movement Recording System aids our analysis of eye movements during reading.
  • VIVID VISION virtual reality vision therapy system for treatment of strabismus and amblyopia.
  • EYEBAB digital vision therapy platform for eye tracking and visual processing skills development.

Our Philosophy

Although the majority of our patients taking advantage of our speciality behavioural optometry services are children, we believe that patients of all ages can benefit from a behavioural optometry approach as it is not only children who deserve to have a visual system working to its highest level of efficiency.

Those with eye motor control problems, lazy eye, developmental delays, acquired brain injuries, delays in learning to read or problems reading to learn might benefit from this more holistic approach to vision care.

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62 Maple St Cooroy
  • Optometry at Cooroy

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